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Sunday, 13 October 2013

All About Frienship

someone to lean on
someone to love
with arms wide open
you offer a hug..

someone to cry with
laugh with and smile
someone to make
every moment worthwhile

when times get rough
and my world fall's apart
you;re someone I run to
you offer your heart

from tearful shoulders
to stomach-aching laughs
you;re someone I need
and someone everyone should have

you're someone who can always
show me the brightest side
and I can always tell you
what I feel inside

someone to be thankful for
someone to never forget
you;re someone special's I always love
you're the best friends I ever met..

                                        friends,housemate,roomates, bff unirazak since 2010
hope our friendship remain till jannah.. almost 3years we through our life together... the moment we spend together teach me more about life,love and hope..wish we all the best!..tahniah jgk kpd yg dah nak convo tu...hehe im happy for you guys...

haaa yg 3org nie my friends from secondary school... Mar,cilok,kuza.. ada lg nie brapa org tp drg teda masa kami hangout...nie tym 2011..lps tu lma da xjmpa..rsanya 2thun da,,, miss u guys!

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